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CPM1 - Ceiling Projector Mount 1

Ceiling Projector Mount 1

Valuable assistance during the delicate phases of installation and alignment of the video projector to the screen

We are proud to say that the bracket CPM1 is the best solution for placing a projector on the ceiling or wall on the market.

This tool is entirely made ANTICORODAL and represents the state of the art in supports for projectors. The bracket allows a real CPM1 micrometric and independent adjustment of the projector basis in all possible positions in space.

Its unique and attractive design hides nine ball bearings, which together with three adjustment knobs, allow you to carry out precise movements and friction, avoiding any mechanical yoke and giving a high precision in centering the projection frame.

With 14 distinct degrees of freedom the CPM1 bracket is universally applied, adapting to many combinations together with the integration of the available optional accessories.

CPM1 compatibility with "your" video projector

Even in standard CPM1 bracket lets you work in a very wide clamping area, as shown below:


To check if your video projector is compatible with the CPM1 bracket just be sure that this area contains the complete area created by the combination of the different anchor points on the projector base frame. All information and technical specifications and dimensions of the projector are available in their own manuals, often downloadable from the website of their manufacturers.

This surface is sufficient to ensure the compatibility of the CPM1 bracket with almost all home theater projectors on the market.

An optional kit is available to extend the work area further. Before using the CPM1 bracket be sure that the maximum weight of the video projector is less than 45Kg.

This apparently obvious shape is actually a good result because of the large availability of video projectors, both in home and business and professional applications.

In addition, such many degrees of freedom of the system allow to reach the holes that may occur in various (and bizarre) positions on the chassis of the projector. As the central block of the bracket can be positioned along the entire length of the base frame, you can also hit the system near the center of gravity of the projector in use! Even the anchoring plates can be positioned and can rotate around the bracket base frame allowing a multitude of different geometries.

All these controls are feasible using the provided single Allen wrench, together with a number of screws and washers and two other key measures corresponding to the given screws.

Specifications and Features

As manufacturers we are proud to offer a unique tool that avoidsthe annoying problem of "fine tuning" of the image centering the screen frame.

Once you have pointed the placing of the CPM1 bracket on the ceiling, and after having screwed firmly the plates of the bracket to your projector, bring the two parties is easy. Now comes the fun!

With the projector powered on, turn one after the other the three knobs to move independently the projection, tilting left or right but also raising or lowering the framework.

Essentially there are two great characteristics of this system. The first is that using a mechanical precision that employs as many as 9 ball bearings, the adjustments are really free from unwanted deviations or uncertainties. The second is that these regulations are enforceable independently one another in different space directions and that such actions are immediate.

Finally we can say that the centering of the projection framework becomes a safe, simple and extremely fast operation.