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About DOMOLIFT Automation

Innovation, creativity and passion, these are the basic ingredients that gave birth to DOMOLIFT

Innovation in thinking and approach to business, this is the thread that led the brand creators in perfect agreement on what would soon become an idea, but also a demand, in a world where the product excellence is liable only if it gratifies all expectations, from the personal satisfaction leading solutions in performance and design, keeping in mind the context and consumer expectations.

Creativity everywhere. The idea derives from the need to find an answer and DOMOLIFT as the solution is possible only if it becomes unmatched in the market. This concept is not the result of an arrogant presumption, but only the thread that gives us the freedom to offer only what we believe in and only what really makes all the people who work with us, from designers to the sellers, proud of it and without the stress of just filling in a catalog.

Passion, the passion is the engine that drives us and gives us the boost to keep on doing what we love doing best. The greatest satisfaction for the DOMOLIFT team is our customers to understand it. We want to bring the best of the "made in Italy" in the home entertainment accessories sector. Our passion and curiosity are the hope but also a promise for the DOMOLIFT future product range "Stay Tuned".